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the english dates of the puja needs to be revised.
there are some dates of 2016
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Sir, Apnader Sri Sri Chandi Path er video aami dekhechi...abam practice o korchi ....apnader sab video aamake khub bhalo lage .. apnar kache request ......Tang para prakriti ....lyrics ta yadi petam to khub bhalo hoto...
       email id. : sandipan1338@yahoo.co.in
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apni jeyi calendar ta upload korechen seta ki visudhha siddhanta panjikar mate?? amake vishudha siddhanta panjikar mate 2016r marriage dates darkar.
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Ami ki ekhane kobita post karte parbo ? Amr nijer lekha kichu kobita ache
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I saw there was a poem publish in the Durgapuja site provably last year regarding complain about communication of Silchar. It was a great poem. Please help me to download that poem. I really like it.
Thank you,
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Dear Admin,

Ami 2016 r Apr/May/Jun/July maaser modhey je kono ekta date e marriage registration korte chai.Ei charte month er modhey shubo din gulo kindly bole dile upokrito hobo.

Thank you :-)
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